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Occupational Medicine Services In Warwick, RI

Occupational medicine focuses on the prevention, treatment and management of work-related injury or illness, including permanent disability. It also promotes the health and productivity of workers and their families. At Kent Ears, Nose & Throat, we treat adults.
We're here to serve the greater All of the RI Community, community, including individuals and employees for work-related ear, nose, and throat problems. We're experienced in the management of workers' compensation injury and illness, and we strive to help you recover from injuries with the goal of early and safe return to work.
Dr. MacMillan can perform individual evaluations and treat a number of work-related issues. Long-term exposure to loud machinery or explosions can lead to hearing loss, and exposure to asbestos, airborne particles or toxic chemicals can result in chronic respiratory conditions or cancer affecting the sinus passages and throat. Exposure to hazardous materials can also lower the body's ability to fight off illness, resulting in a variety of other conditions.

We can help you with the following and more!

  • Respirator Certs
  • CDLs
  • Hazmats
  • Leads
  • Asbestos
Human lungs  - Human lungs anatomy in Warwick, RI
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