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Assessment and treatment of allergy symptoms is an important part of our practice. Allergy occurs when one's body reacts strongly to one or more encountered substances. The allegiant can be something one breathes, eats or touches.

Types of Allergies

Inhalant allergies can be either seasonal or perennial. Seasonal allergies occur during the same few months every year and are likely due to trees, grasses, and weeds. A perennial allergy is present throughout the year. This type of allergy would include molds, dust mites, pets and traditional dust.

Recognize Allergy Symptoms

Nasal congestion, runny nose, post-nasal drip, itchy nose, itchy eyes, and tearing are some common symptoms and often go unrecognized. These symptoms can be caused by an allergic inflammation of the nose and sinuses. When ones sinuses become inflamed or infected, it is called sinusitis. Congestion, green or yellow discharge, pressure in the forehead, around the eyes or in the checks, and headaches are strong symptoms of a sinus infection.

Additionally, symptoms of allergens include fluid in the ears or a blocked sensation, cough, or a hoarse voice may also indicate allergic disease.
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